The US government reported over 2.6 million nonfatal occupational accidents and injuries as of 2021, demonstrating the dangerous nature of many workplaces. Because it keeps them engaged and increases productivity, workers have a right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Employees and your business will benefit from this since more sales and money are generated by better productivity and efficiency. Dusting and vacuuming your room is insufficient, which is one of the reasons OSHA compliance is essential. Adhering to OSHA standards helps to protect your workers from hazardous chemicals, objects, and pathogens that put them and the public at risk. Just like the global COVID-19 pandemic caught many countries and individuals off-guard, the United States lost a million individuals and recorded over 100 million infected people over the course of the pandemic due to negligence and inadequate efforts by OSHA.

Since then, OSHA has worked to strengthen and reaffirm its objectives, and companies are expected to abide by these guidelines. This article explains what OSHA compliance entails and how to put into practice a cleaning schedule that complies with these rules. Let's investigate!

OSHA: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

On December 29, 1970, OSHA was founded under the US Department of Labor, and on April 28, 1971, it was put into effect. It is the responsibility of this body to inspect and regulate workplaces in order to keep the general public safe, healthy working conditions.

As an employer, you should be concerned about OSHA compliance for the following reasons:

  • OSHA Can Help with Uninterrupted Production: Adhering to OSHA regulations improves your company's efficiency, process management, and product quality. Additionally, it aids in preventing needless material or energy loss as well as any unintended environmental effects.
  •  OSHA Offers an Early Warning System for Specific Hazards: The majority of environmental health risks that were subsequently determined to have an impact on public health were identified early in the workplace. Therefore, an efficient model for detection and preventive action is offered by an OSHA compliance checklist.
  • OSHA Is Committed to Protecting Employee Health and Welfare: A fit, effective, and driven team is the main force behind your company's overall socioeconomic expansion. Aside from that, productive and high-quality work guarantees the production of goods, services, and materials of the highest caliber.
  • Technological Advancement: Green care and low-energy, low-toxic emissions technologies are required by OSHA. Utilizing the safest, greenest, and best industrial technology possible is a requirement of OSHA compliance in the United States.nts, injuries, and diseases is protection for workers against hazards, minimizing the unnecessary loss of humans and materials in your business.
  • Protection of Workers: Reducing the needless loss of personnel and supplies in your company is achieved by preventing occupational accidents, illnesses, and infections.

An overview of the fundamental safety rules that OSHA has mandated for the workplace

An extensive set of guidelines was established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to aid in the maintenance of a healthy work environment. The following is a summary of the fundamental OSHA compliance checklist that your company should use:

  • Provision of a Clinic and First Aid: Before being sent to a hospital for appropriate treatment, employees should be able to quickly and easily receive medical attention and first aid in the event of an industrial accident or injury.
  • Hazard Control Techniques: OSHA regulations should be followed by facilities when it comes to techniques such as engineering control, substitution, elimination, administrative controls, and providing workers with personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Fire Safety and Caution: Extinguishers should be installed in key areas of the building and supplied. Every month, they should be inspected for expiration and replaced if found to be defective or expired. Companies should also arrange for workers to receive emergency fire extinguisher training.
  • Emergency escape Routes: When developing a facility, facilities should take emergency escape routes into account. It must always be dry and transparent. When physical attacks, gas leaks, and fires occur, this can assist protect employees and clients.
  • Limits on Walking and Working Height: Since 84% of nonfatal occupational accidents include falls, establishments that demand climbing should make sure their staff members are well trained for it. Strict control mechanisms should also be included to monitor employee access to that area.

Factors That Make Complete Cleaning Services Necessary for OSHA Compliance

Using expert, all-inclusive commercial cleaning services is essential to maintaining a hygienic and safe workplace. They are necessary for the following additional reasons:

  • The CDC released cleaning and disinfection instructions for COVID-19 in 2021 through OSHA. These guidelines are known to and followed by experienced cleaners when performing regular cleaning and disinfection at establishments.
  • Comprehensive cleaning services that adhere to OSHA compliance raise employee trust and morale.
  • OSHA-compliant cleaning service providers guarantee customer pleasure and enhance the whole experience.
  • Experts know how to make sure there is enough ventilation in the workspace and facilities to keep clients and employees safe while doing cleaning and treatment tasks.
  • Commercial cleaning services lower the danger of infection in your establishment by using antiseptic soaps and detergents that kill more germs on surfaces, walls, and floors.
  • OSHA collaborates closely with law enforcement and security organizations to punish noncompliant businesses and persons in order to enforce compliance. Employing expert cleaners will assist you in avoiding numerous legal OSHA fines.

Detailed Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial Cleaning Service

OSHA compliance needs to be tracked with thorough cleaning services like Sunstate Facility Services for the best outcomes. Here are a few simple ways to choose a professional cleaning service:

  • Determine what needs cleaning for your facilities and record it.
  • Find out what services the cleaning firm offers. While some cleaning service providers just offer simple services like dusting, others offer more thorough and expert cleaning solutions.
  • Examine reviews to learn more about the cleaning company's reputation.
  • Check to see if the cleaning service provider is licensed, insured against damage, and certified in compliance with OSHA and the CDC.
  • Verify whether the cleaning service provider is accommodating to your schedule and available.
  • Confirm if the cleaning service company is available and flexible to suit your schedule.
  • Request a price estimate from the cleaning service supplier.

How to Make and Follow a Schedule and Plan for Effective Cleaning

A flourishing business, high-quality products or services, and long-term productivity are difficult to achieve if there is no effective and consistent cleaning schedule. Here are some cleaning strategies to develop:

  • Hire the best commercial cleaning service within your budget.
  • Check the frequency of routine cleaning.
  • Check the products and processes used to clean your facility.
  • Provide a detailed standard of operations for your offices, cleaning of surfaces, and equipment like keyboards, machines, computers, and accessories in the facility.

How Does Your Company Achieve OSHA Compliance?

Being an owner of a business has its challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining OSHA compliance. Therefore, it makes sense to entrust all of your cleaning and hazard control needs to licensed commercial cleaning service providers.

To create a safe and healthy working environment, Sunstate Facility Services staff members use green technology and adhere to all OSHA regulations. In addition, we provide the best office space remodeling services, office cleaning services, and hygienic janitorial work. Do you require an OSHA-compliant, personalized plan? Obtain a quote Speak with Sunstate Facility Services about an estimate right now.